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Cody Knauss, FNP

Cody Knauss joined Colorado Surgical Affiliates in October of 2022. He comes from a nursing background and educational model, where holistic and patient centered care has been foundational in his approach to medicine. Cody believes that injury, illness, and healing can only be understood in the context of what these things mean to his individual patients. He believes everyone has a different vision of what health means to them. He aims to always to understand his patient, as well as honor and value the opportunity to help bring resources, answers, direction and understanding to their current situation.

When Cody is not working, he loves spending his time outdoors in all that the Western Slope has to offer. Hiking, Mountain biking, fly fishing, trail running, hunting, and gardening are all hobbies he enjoys doing with his loved ones.  Cody is also passionate about giving back to the community. He continues to fly as a medical provider for CareFlight of the Rockies which is a non-profit medical flight program serving the Western Slope of Colorado and Eastern Utah. 


He believes his profession gives him a chance to connect with people and partner with them on the journey towards their vision of health and wellness.

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