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Stephanie Lewis, PA-C

Stephanie Lewis joined Colorado Surgical Affiliates in December of 2022. With a background in health education and promotion, as a Physician Assistant she uses the knowledge of different theories in conjunction. Stephanie is incredibly well versed in the ever-changing healthcare field. She believes that medical knowledge is constantly evolving due to new information, drugs, treatments, and diagnostic techniques. Technological advancements bring both challenges and opportunities for education. She recognizes that in recent years, medicine has emphasized prevention and education through colon screenings, vaccinations, healthy living communities, and mental health awareness to improve standards. 

Coming from the background of being born into a medical family, she grew up surrounded by her role models. With her father being a cardiologist, her grandfather a pathologist, her mother a health administrator, and her sister being a physical therapist, she was raised around hospitals, private practices, and emergency rooms. This allowed her to experience both the clinical and administrative components of the medical field.   


Her experiences have given her a more holistic approach to treating her patients, but she also knows when surgical intervention needs to occur. This is where her passion sparked; she fell in love with surgery not only because she enjoys working with her hands, but because she saw some immediate results in her patients. When Stephanie isn’t working, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, and photography. She also enjoys traveling the world and has been to many different countries such as Ireland, Switzerland, and Spain.   


Her future in this field revolves around not only being a Physician Assistant but giving back to her community as well. She has been part of a local chapter of the National Charity league for 8 years and counting. Stephanie wants to expand her reach and not only to give back to the local community but impact the global community as well. With the urge to travel and her medical background, she wants to make a difference through organizations such as Doctors without Borders, Samaritan’s Purse, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Stephanie has a desire to use her knowledge in medicine to help those who are underserved, under resourced, but deserving of fundamental quality healthcare. 

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